Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club

Coached Sculling

Program Description

The coached sculling program will be implemented in two-week sessions in order to accommodate the maximum number of scullers over the course of the season and to accommodate those scullers with time/availability restrictions.

Registration and payment for each 2 week session can be made through Activeness (Links Below).  No refunds will be provided unless the session is cancelled by WRRA.

The cost for each session:

  • Tier 1 – 2 week session (2 coached sessions) is $26.00 per rower.
  • Tier 2 – 2 week session (4 coached session) is $52.00 per rower.

2016 Tier 1 (Basic Sculling)

1 day/week – Wednesday 7:00 am

Guidelines for Tier 1 Participation:

  1. Current member of WRRA general sculling or private sculling.
  2. Participants must have completed LTS  or be an independently certified sculler.
  3. Participants may enroll in single or double sculls.
  4. Great opportunity to new scullers to get water time.
  5. Maximum of 4 boats (any combination of singles/doubles).
  6. Minimum of 4 participants per session.
  7. Opportunity to add additional morning, if registration fills up quickly.

2016 Tier 2 (Advanced Sculling)

2 days/week ; Tuesday & Friday at 6:00 AM

Guidelines for Tier 2 Participation:

  • Current member of WRRA general sculling or private sculling.
  • Participants must have obtained independent sculling status.
  • Participants are on a regatta track for 2016.
  • Coaching focus on race pieces and technical work.  Steady state workouts are expected to be conducted outside of coached sessions.
  • Maximum of 5 participants per session.
  • Minimum of 4 participant per session.

2016 Calendar (Proposed):

Session 1 – Monday, June 13th  - Saturday, June 18t
Session 2  - Monday, June 27th - Saturday, July 9th
Session 3 – Monday, July 11 – Saturday, July 23th
Session 4 – Monday, July 25th – Saturday, August 6th
Session 5 – Monday, August 8th – Saturday, August 20nd