Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989


Get Involved. Join a Committee. Committees are open to all WRRA members. Interested? Please contact the director in charge of the committee you would like to contribute your time, knowledge, and skills.


Heather Bonsky, Director-in-Charge 

Communication committee goals: 

  • Maintain and update the WRRA web site, outbound email, and social media outreach
  • Promote WRRA programs and activities in a variety of media
  • Provide clarity and accessibility of information to members and the community
  • Develop and provide rower education through a variety of formats such as WRRA newsletters, posted items at boathouse, social media and web page

Finance, Fund Development

Barb Rauhe, Treasurer 

Finance committee goals: 

  • Set long range financial goals 
  • Set funding strategies to achieve financial goals 
  • Develop and implement fundraising efforts 
  • Review options and recommend a cash reserve strategy to optimize savings 
  • Research grant sources and coordinate submittal of applications with various program chairs 
  • Ensure grants are allocated and spent in accordance with grant specifications and assist with financial reporting/information required for grants 

Membership, Administration

Maria Christofferson, Director-in-Charge 

Membership committee purpose: To manage the registration of all WRRA members and collection of all associated fees, to communicate program offerings and fees to the membership and the public, and to respond to all inquiries regarding membership.

Administration committee purpose: To organize, create, maintain, and archive all WRRA records and documents in an accessible form, manage access to WRRA property, manage WRRA information technology issues, and responsible for WRRA elections. 

Recreational Rowing

Heather Bonsky, Director-in-Charge

Sweeps committee purpose: Develop recommendations for, and facilitate quality sweeps and regatta experiences for WRRA members.

Outreach Programs: Veterans and Adaptive

Robert Emmet, Director-in-Charge 

Veterans, Pararowing, Adaptive committee goals: 

  • Resurrect successful Freedom Rows and VIPERs programs of past years 
  • Expand veterans' participation in sculling and indoor rowing programs 
  • Participate in US Rowing-sanctioned competition 
  • Establish a Veterans' competition in Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta 
  • Raise additional funds through grants for veterans-based activities 

Increase the visibility of WRRA to organizations that support veterans and adaptive activities and/or have memberships that might participate in WRRA programs 


Teresa Hooper, Director-in-Charge

Equipment committee goals: 

  • Makes recommendations to the board of directors for the purchase and sale of shells and equipment
  • Makes repairs to damaged equipment during the season
  • Cleans, repairs and refurbishes all shells in the off season
  • Maintains the fleet with the goal of ensuring the safety of the membership


Leah Livermore, Director-in-Charge

Volunteerism committee goals: 

  • Engage a greater number of WRRA members in volunteering. 
  • Improve communication with WRRA membership regarding volunteer opportunities. 
  • Accurately categorize and track volunteer hours. 
  • Execute the current WRRA policy for processing Volunteer Deposit Refunds
  • Promote supported volunteer events with the WRRA Director of Communications. 
  • Schedule volunteers for WRRA supported events


Martha Rini, Director-in-Charge

Governance committee goals: 

  • Annually review the WRRA's Mission Statement, Code of Regulations and Policies. 
  • Develop new policy as needed. Current projects: 
    • Writing and implementing a Confidentiality Agreement
    • Writing and implementing a Social Media Policy 
    • Revision of the Email Policy and Attestation 
  • Identify and recruit new members for the Board of Directors
  • Prepare Slate of Officers to be presented to the Executive Committee prior to the Annual Meeting



Monica Wagner, Director-in-Charge

Sculling committee goals: 

  • Programming
    • Continue the momentum gained in the 2020 sculling season by continuing to offer  Learn to Scull sessions.
    • Improve sculling programming based on sculler surveys and feedback.
  • Coaching
    • Expand the pool of sculling coaches.
    • Offer coaching to those with mid-level sculling experience or higher.
  • Mentoring
    • Add structure to the sculling mentoring process.
    • Expand the number of sculling mentors.
  • Engagement
    • Engage the private scullers to participate in the sculling program.