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Western Reserve Rowing Association

WRRA Sweeps Trailer Policy


  1. Western Reserve Rowing Association Sweeps Trailer is to be used for club sanctioned programs and events only.  

  2. The trailer is not for the use of individual club members outside of club sanctioned programs and events.

  3. For coverage by WRRA’s insurance policy, the trailer’s stated legal, vehicle and safety manufacturing requirements must be followed when towing.

  4. Liability insurance for the trailer follows the vehicle towing it.

  5. Whoever tows the trailer should have liability limits acceptable to the organization.

    1. The trailer is covered for damages by WRRA’s insurance.  WRRA’s insurance does not extend to the driver of the vehicle nor to the vehicle towing the trailer.

    2. The recommended insurance for the tower is a minimum of $250,000/$500,000 bodily injury and $100,000 property damage.

    3. Proof of insurance must be submitted to the board prior to the trailer leaving the premises.

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