Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989

Summer Rowing League 

Make-Up Sessions


  • All make-up sessions must take place during the weekend (Friday night, Saturday or Sunday) due to launch availability. There are generally no extra CRF launches through the weekdays.


  • It is the captain’s responsibility to contact the WRRA Program Director to arrange a time that works for the team, coach and coxswain.  If substitute rowers are needed it is the responsibility of the captain to secure subs.
  • No make-up session will be allowed after August 19, 2022.


  • The team captain is responsible for requesting equipment from the WRRA Program Director for the make-up practice (via The Program Director will assign the team a boat and launch. 

  • If a team receives equipment approval for a make-up session and cancels less than 48 hours before the requested session, the team forfeits their make-up.


  • Coaches are to use general sweeps cox boxes and radios for all make up practices.

  • Teams must fill out an equipment reporting sheet at the end of all make up sessions.