Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989

Summer Rowing League 


Thank you to all for volunteering your time and efforts to keeping your teams organized and well communicated with.  Below are some basic expectations we will have of you, and in turn, what you can expect of us.

SRL Admin Expectations of Captains:

  • Be the central point of communication with and for your team
    • Communicate team-based problems to SRL Admin
    • Encourage teammates to come directly to SRL Admin with personal issues
    • Communicate team issues to SRL Admin (if you have too many or are short of rowers consistently midway through the season)
    • Communicate any coaching/coxing issues your team faces (should you have any) to SRL Admin
    • Poll team on expected practice attendance via email, doodle, in-person discussion or smoke signal
      • Make arrangements for a full boat at every practice
        • In some cases, team members may need to either sit out practices or row ½ practices
        • In other cases, you may need to reach out to our substitute group to fill your boat
    • For experienced teams, organize coxswain payment among teammates
    • Organize your team and coach for make-up sessions if/when needed due to weather cancelation
    • Work with your team to secure a sponsor (May-June)
    • Be the social leader of your troops (or at least attempt to do so)

Encourage bonding among your team! Encourage folks to get to know each other!

 Captains’ Expectation of SRL Admin:

  • Be the central point of communication with you
    • If you have questions, we want to answer them; bring all questions to SRL Admin (either at the Boathouse or via our email:
    • Be at the Boathouse during your practices
    • Over-Communicate
      • We’ll email you and your team, post things in the boathouse and talk to you at your practices and be available for your questions
      • Provide a reasonable time-frame for response when we need you to collect information from your teams
      • ‘Fix’ issues as much as possible, or at least explain why the policy you don’t like exists, why we can’t make a special exception or why we just can’t control the freighters