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WRRA Annual Meeting 
November 2023
A big Thank you to  Dick Halda and Chuck Postal  for your dedication to WRRA.  Congratulations on being the WRRA SUPER VOLUNTEERS 2023!
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The WRRA Board of Directors thanks you for a successful 2023 rowing season. We appreciate everyone who attended the Annual Meeting and participated in the election. Two new board members were elected (Tim Marcovy and Chris Cole) and Martha Rini was re-elected. Their terms are for three years. The WRRA Board is dedicated to making sure the 2024 rowing season will be a success and we ask for your help with this process.
Your Board of Directors are all volunteers who have already started working on the 2024 season. Every year, WRRA looks for future board members who will carry the torch of success when current board members step down or fulfill their term limit. WRRA is also looking for individuals to serve on the Board of Directors’ various committees. This will give you an opportunity to learn what it takes to operate the club and gain experience that will help you understand the board’s job functions should you decide to run. Even offering 1 or 2 hours of your time per week can make a big difference in assisting us achieve our goals.

WRRA President

WRRA Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes


The 2024 WRRA Annual Budget is available; Current WRRA members may reach out to Kathy Whitford, WRRA Treasurer at to request information.  

The WRRA Code of Regulations is available to current members upon request.

Please email to request the COR.

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